Location: #5 - 7640 Fairmount Dr. SE.
 Calgary, Alberta, T2H 0X9
ph: 403-255-8731

new location hours: Tues - Sat see home page



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Payment must accompany registration.
You are required to bring your
basic card making kit to every class. Please check in advance to see if you need any extra items.

Paper Pastimes urges everyone to bring a 3 ring binder with some
clear plastic sheet holders to every class we offer for handouts and samples.


Also clearing the classroom so we can start classes/demos.
Sylvia: planning flower shaping demos / classes
Lori: has some lovely card kits for mini classes or *Kits to Go*
Lori will be available occasional Wed during the summer.
Karen will be back for *alcohol Inks*
Carole: I will start with simple booklets. My classes will start about 9:00 am and finish by 10:30 (when the store opens)

To start: 4 people per class plus the teacher.

Class with Sylvia Thurs Aug 5, 11 am $10.00 cash
Beautiful shaded lilac card.
4 students per class bring your tools

Class with Lori Wed Aug 11, $10.00 cash
11am (first group) 4 students per group
Samples will be posted to Facebook.

new card kits available (June 2021)

by Sylvia (sylvia@acorngraphics.com)
by Karen (
 by Doreen. T (